Re-openings during pandemic limited to businesses that put blacks at risk

On Sunday, a video of a densely packed house on Chicago’s predominantly black West Side was posted to YouTube. It is unclear which politician instigated the gathering, which placed dozens of lives at risk. But there’s little doubt that a conspiracy is afoot to spread, or at least not prevent the spread, of the COVID-19 virus in the black community.

Since the pandemic began, there have been countless stories about how black Americans are disproportionately dying from coronavirus infection. Many of these stories have imputed the over-representation to “deep structural racism,” though some theorize it’s worse that that: that the virus is a deliberate diabolical scheme to “thin out” the black population. (RELATED: Thank God for experts: Black leaders advise people of color not to wear face masks)

The video below features Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio). In it, she suggests that the types of businesses reopening around the country are ones frequented most by blacks.
That's right. Showing up on time, just showing up and exhibiting a work ethic certainly is dangerous.