Every time someone like you or Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron or Neil Young condemns how a great number of Canadians pay our mortgages, feed our families, and provide your jets and yachts with fuel, we get to talk about what a leader Canada really is.

Itís an opportunity we welcome.

Earlier this week, you toured Alberta's oil sands. Itís always nice to see oil and gas critics take the time to observe the industry first-hand.

You said the aerial sight of oil sands mining sites felt like ďsomeone took my skin and peeled it off my body over a very large surface. It made my body ache to watch it.Ē

That struck me as odd. Did your chartered helicopter fly you over any of the hundreds of square kilometres of reclaimed oil sands mines?

If it had, youíd have seen sprawling snow-covered terrain that show no signs of ever being disturbed. In the summer, these vast fields turn a lush, grassy green and provide prime grazing lands for herds of wild bison. Thatís what the mine you saw will look like after reclamation.