Chapter Two: Digression...The full body massage

The geriatric gentleman was quite kind & courteous. Perhaps this sort of service required a tip. Yes, the Transportation Security Administration official gave him the full pat down procedure while embarking on the journey at the airport.

And of course the kind man loudly and publicly​ declared which body parts he was examining to the teeming masses in line. Like a drill sergeant marching orders..."grabbing upper left thigh, mid-right thigh, upper right-thigh, perhaps your genital region sir". An exhausting exercise.

Since he was two hours early for the flight and being essentially molested by an 80 year old, a cigarette seemed in order. However, that would require leaving the secure zone and perhaps going through all that crap again. He settled for a double scotch at the airport bar, despite the fact it was 10 am.

There was swamp that needed to be drained or contributed to several zip codes to the east.