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  1. #1 Behold Bat Bot, the First Flying Robot Bat 
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    A team of scientists has just built the first robot that looks and flies like a bat. They named it, of course, Bat Bot.
    Bat Bot is nothing short of an engineering marvel. It weighs in at only 3.3 ounces—about as heavy of two golf balls. With a silicone membrane stretched over its carbon-fiber skeleton, a head crammed with an on-board computer and sensors, and five micro-sized motors strung along its backbone, Bat Bot is capable of autonomous, flapping flight. Designed by trio of roboticists led by Soon-Jo Chung at Caltech, it was unveiled today in the journal Science Robotics.
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    How many bombs can it carry ? I've had lots of experience with bats, the European Fruit bats in Indo China. They were roosting very near my airfield at a Buddhist Temple and would come out at dust to feed so it was often we would have one spatter against our windshields, some had wingspans of 3 feet extended fully. Strange critters, they have a head of a fox and hang upside down , hairy arm pits and one of natures really messed up creatures. Of course they are harmless and they were not indigenous to Viet Nam but hitched a ride on French cargo ships and other ships a very very long time ago.
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    It's the future we were taught was coming...

    And no Court's gonna convict us for bashing one with a ball-bat on private property, because there's no practical reason for the application of the technology right now.

    Various animals, birds, and fish are already equipped with cams for specific porpoises-- purposes.

    Real bats will sometimes attack your hair if you're out in the woods or wooded areas, screwin' around. Usually at dusk, when they wake-up hungry.
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