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    Quote Originally Posted by cadillac shark View Post
    I literally turned the game on at the kickoff due to all the excitement at TPC Scottsdale, but Buck and Aikman didn't mention any extracurriculars... as the game was starting on-time.

    I caught the Anthem, which was uneventful.

    I forgot about the Hamilton-cast... I would've clicked them off anyway.
    The timing worked out almost seamlessly. 4 hole playoff ended right about kickoff time. Is there anything Trump can't do better?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVM View Post
    Makes sense, after all, football - like polo - is exclusively a White man's sport.

    The funny thing is that one of the pre-game ceremonies they brought out Hall of Fame players that went to historically black colleges. A friend of mine used to coach one of those teams in Morgan State before he was hired by the Colts as a wide receivers coach.
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