On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Obamacare architect and Chair of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Medical Ethics, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel stated that while “costs have gone up,” under Obamacare, “they’ve gone up much more slowly than they did under President Bush, and they’ve moderated.” He also stated that “young, healthy people” were most of the “losers” under the law.

“I mean, on any one of the three major criteria, how you would evaluate the ACA: Did it improve coverage? Yes, 22 million people got insurance through the ACA. So, that’s a plus. Our uninsurance rate now hovers around 10%, and if all the states had expanded Medicaid, it would be even lower. On costs, yes costs have gone up, but they’ve gone up much more slowly than they did under President Bush, and they’ve moderated. For example, under President Bush, insurance premiums for employers went up 80%, while under President Obama, they went up 35%, a substantial reduction in the growth of healthcare costs. So, cost control has actually been significantly improved. And then in terms of quality, we’ve seen hospital readmission rates within 30 days of discharge going down. We’ve seen improvements in infections in hospitals, in no thromboemboli, no falls. So, whether it’s access, cost, or coverage, the Affordable Care Act has been an improvement. That doesn’t mean it’s been a home run on every one of them, but a significant improvement