kentuck (78,564 posts)

The cultivation of distrust.

This President will never have the trust of the majority of the people.

He is the least transparent President in our lifetime. He is wrapped in secrecy, as are most of his business deals.

He refuses to disclose his tax returns or financial records of his businesses in numerous countries.

He says he has no business with Russia, whatsoever. His son says they have a "disproportionate" amount of business with Russia? Which is it?

He lies about everything, big and small.

His base supports him because they see it differently than the majority whenever he tricks, deceives, manipulates, and uses the press as a foil. They falsely believe deception and manipulation to be positives in a leader.

He will never be a trusted leader.

Obama spent hundred of thousands of dollars to keep from showing his birth certificate showing that he was elgible to be the President. He refused to show his school transcripts. His whole administration was about secrecy, even as they lied and said they were "the most transparent" ever.

Obama set the standard. Trump has no reason to disclose any of those things.

Trump won, liberals. Deal with it. Since that's what we were told when Obama won, it's come right back at you.