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  1. #1 TRUMP's Press Conf yesterday 
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    WOW, just WOW! This is what happens when a guy with Big Boy Pants on walks into a room of 2 bit liberal far left reporters. He took on 70+ mano mano and there was a LOT of scorched earth in the room when the dust settled.

    One of the best Press Conf I have ever seen!

    There were people coming out of there who had new apex's and enlarged apexes.

    His opening remark: there's a new game in town and I'm dealin the cards
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    I also greatly enjoyed it. At 70 he could take on the whole room of pipsqueaks. I loved watching their faces. You could read their body language, ready to scamper out of the room and make fun of him. They are the true "deplorables" mentioned by the lovely Hillary.

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    It was a beautiful slaying, from any angle you want to view it. And it's only the beginning. The media's first wave was left almost in tatters after 78 minutes. 78-minutes more and they would've been basically silenced. The following waves will be more craven and disjointed.

    I can only imagine what President Trump's rally will be like tomorrow.

    Because he will point to the cameras/media at some point... and continue the beat-down.
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