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    1,352 and the left doesn't think immigration doesn't need aggressive attention

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    DREAMers hard at "work" in America.
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    I come from a large in area but very small county in Southern NJ. Overall we have about 200,000 people in the entire county. Each of the 3 main cities ended up being broken down into a few groups. Millville had the majority of what some might consider white trash. Trailer park types. Rednecks if you will. Bridgeton, where I live now, had a larger black community. My home town, Vineland was mostly Italian and Puerto Rican but that's mostly due to the fact that Vineland was more of a farming community and the Hispanics and early Italians were brought in as migrant workers who ended up staying. We had our riff raff but things like murder was an extreme rarity. We were a very diverse community and everyone got along mostly except for our high school rivalries(the Vineland/Millville football rivalry is one of the oldest in the country). The first gangs, mostly "posse's" limited to certain neighborhoods but nothing so grandiose as there are today. In Vineland the Nieta's were the first real gang to spring up. This is a Puerto Rican gang started in prisons in PR. Then, of course, the big gangs started to move in. Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, etc.

    Bridgeton has turned into a sanctuary city. We probably have almost as many illegal Mexicans and others of Latin American origin as all other citizens. MS-13 tags are all over as well as the 18th St. Posse which was an exclusive west coast gang. It's an Hispanic gang. Mexican gangs such as the Zetas, Vatos Locos, Los Negros, Surenos and others are in this little town. Thanks to that, Bridgeton is the 46th most dangerous town in America according to Neighborhood Scout. Seems as though we have at least a murder every other week. Thankfully my street is one of the safest but there's a reason why I have a bunch of guns.
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