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    NEW DELHI: In a quest to set a new world record, Air India has operated a flight around the world with an all-women crew ahead of International Women's Day.

    The flight which departed from Delhi on February 27 for San Francisco, returned to the Indira Gandhi International airport on Friday after flying across the globe.
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    Women have made a lot of progress in India over the past 40 years. The tech economy has created a middle class there, and that has created jobs for women, giving them more economic power. When my dad visited as part of a Rotary tour in 1979, there was not much of a middle class, just the merchant class. Rotary was working with the Indians on economic development back then. I'm sure other groups were too.

    I'm sure the dowry system is still in place in the upper classes. I haven't heard much about the practice of suttee lately, something the British were never able to stomp out as much as they tried. The guy who stayed at our house on the other side of the Rotary exchange tour was a young wealthy man. He and his wife's marriage had been arranged by their parents, but both of them could have backed out if they grew up to dislike each other. They ended up truly in love.
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