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    29. The media

    helped rigged this shit. Never in my life have i seen the entire media stick themselves so far up a candidates ass. It was like 20:1 Hitler:Hilary...
    There bias was so blatantly obvious they should have just said vote for hitler

    ...someone is trying too hard.

    One of my friends asked, Americans what have you done to elect Trump? Hilary Clinton as opposed to trump and fuckers elected a piece a shit. I am pissed!
    Which imaginary foreign friend is that, now, you illiterate, half-baked retard?
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    Drama follows Doreen:

    Fri Feb 17, 2017, 12:28 PM
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    OMFG!! he got forced back to Germany!!! [View all]

    I can not talk about it but I wanted to warn you so you know what is really happening. I am serious though I can not talk about it. I will be on to talk about other things but not this. THIS IS SIMPLY A WARNING!!

    fastest deportation ever. Of course, Dori made it all up for attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teresa margaret View Post
    Drama follows Doreen:

    fastest deportation ever. Of course, Dori made it all up for attention.

    LOL, I remember that one!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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