A DUmmie that does not like narcotics?

nolabear (24,392 posts)
Badass shingles update.

I am so touched by everyone's kindness and concern about this godawful virus. And I'm happy to say I'm up to "Hey! I've been upright for hours!" stage. I can even eat. I'm hoping I can get out of the house without feeling I've done a full on marathon. You still couldn't trust me to drive or even walk without some risk.

But they switched me off that bloody oxy onto gabapentin. I can't imagine how someone who isn't in dire need of it gets addicted. It is NOT pleasant. At any rate, I am slowly losing pain and regaining a working brain.

Once again, you all are family. I love the stuffing out of you.

Warpy (92,103 posts)
I'm another oxycodone/oxycontin hater
Once I've been on it a couple of days, I can't wait to get that stuff out of my head, something in common with most of my patients taking it. We just want our brains to work right again, even after the gnarliest surgeries or (in my case) fractures.

If you find that neurontin isn't doing the whole job, ask about Ultram. It's a weak SSRI that seems to hit the opiate receptors and reduce pain without the buzz that gets in the way of being able to brain.

And I hope the SOBs are gone soon.
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