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  1. #1 Trump's Newly Released Tax Returns are a Fake out? Another deception by Herr Trump? 
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    Thu Mar 16, 2017, 03:14 AM

    Trump's Newly Released Tax Returns are a Fake out? Another deception by Herr Trump?

    Think about it for a second. How does anyone know these are really the correct 2005 Donald Trump tax information? Notice how quickly the Trump camp was prepared to reply about the Tax return?

    It seemed almost as if the release was designed to be an attack on Racheal Maddow. It sure seems strange how Sean Hannity was so prepared to fan outrage toward R. Maddow. There seemed to be an organized effort to discredit her reporting on Trump and his corruption.

    That tax return seems mighty strange. Racheal Maddow better double check all of her sources in the future. I think this was some sort of set up designed by the Trump administration only Racheal did not take the bait.

    Well of course!!! Trump is an eeeeebil genius!!! Or a fool. It just
    depends on the day and how the DUmmies are trying
    to discredit him.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I thought about the possibility of those involved not knowing how to fill-out tax-forms or know what a tax-form looks like, is too unbelievable until Rush verbalized it yesterday. These libs haven't filled-out their own forms in years. They most likely don't know what they're looking at.

    There's no way 'a deceiver' could have known that.
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    Another Trump-Gotcha blew up in Progs' faces ... cue the conspiracy theorists!

    Let's pretend Trump leaked those tax return copies - real or fake returns, your choice:

    * What compelled Rachel MadCow to believe them? Trump-Hatred-driven credulity.

    * What compelled Rachel MadCow to hype them? Her ratings suck!

    * What compelled Progs to get all excited about them? Trump-Hatred-driven credulity.

    IOW, IF Trump leaked the returns, the only reasons this whole kerfuffle happened is Trump-hatred, confirmation-bias credulity, and Rachel MadCow's sucky ratings.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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