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No matter his politics or how he can rant, there is no excuse for the guy attacking to get away with it. What a brave guy to attack a 75 year old and his dog. What in the world is wrong with the cops there? Wait, it's Ca., home of the super libs. I feel for any of our members living there. California is beautiful, love to vacation there, but I sure wouldn't want to live there full time and pay all those taxes.
If I happened across a KPFA (the hyper-Prog Pacifica Radio outlet in Berserkeley) booth at some public event the only impulse I would have would be to avoid coming near them. If I somehow magically recognized one of their on-air people dining at a restaurant, I wouldn't payhim/her any more attention than I would some other random diner in the room. But there's a loud, obnoxious, and sometimes violent minority among Libs & Progs who think people who dare think differently from them need to have their privacy loudly and/or violently invaded.

from what I've read, the attacker is some 20 years younger than Savage, is nearly a foot taller than Savage, and Savage had his hands and arms encumbered with his leftovers and his toy poodle.

The police were called, and the attacker and a bystander who intervened were arrested. What happens from there, remains to be seen. My guess is that the Marin County DA - a political animal in Lib/Prog Marin County - will do nothing.

CA people vary considerably. Nearly 40% voted for Trump last November. I'll be doing a half marathon Saturday, and if the singer is there, the Star Spangled Banner will be sung before the start of the race. The organizer and that lady singer has done this for several years. It's pretty cool at the start of their Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Speaking of Turkey Trots, I think the very large (20,000-30,000 runners) Silicon Valley Turkey Trot also starts with the National Anthem, as did the 2016 Walnut Creek Half Marathon.

California's Central Valley - except for Sacto and a few Islands of Academia - is like a whole different country from SF and Berserkeley.