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    So, big stink that Mickie D's lambasted Trump on Twitter, then they come out and claim the account was hacked. Turnabout being fair play...
    1. Where's your proof of the hack?
    2. Was it the Russians who hacked the account?
    3. Was it Trump's people or supporters creating their own fake news/distractions?
    4. Was it an honest opinion voiced through a corporate account that blew up in your face?

    The scary part is, frankly, any of these scenarios is possible. McDonald's may be lying about being hacked, leading to #4, Russia may be playing with the general chaos going on around here, and there are some idiots who support Trump that may have thought this was a good idea halfway through a case of beer. There are also pot stirrers with numerous different agendas who may have pulled this off. We are at a point where there is almost no trust of anyone on any side, and that is getting very dangerous.

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    Trump shouldn't give them any additional free advertising by not eating their stuff, or at least never let those wrappers or boxes with the MCD showing. He also might lose weight if he doesn't eat their stuff anymore. A win-win for Trump.

    Just think how many Trump voters patronize McDonald's and the revenue they can lose. Bring in that good old Russian excuse.

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