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  1. #1 Couple Accused Of Urinating On Bill Clinton’s Autobiography 
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    The book reviews are in and Bill Clinton’s autobiography My Life is stale and smells like asparagus. Sure, the book came out 13 years ago, but things move slower in New Mexico. It would seem that a couple is accused of urinating on Clinton’s book as well as several copies of the Quran. Was this a crime or just an expression of free speech? If you’ve been paying attention, you know that it’s only free speech when liberals do it. Had the couple pissed on a Bush autobiography and the Bible, it would be protected.

    The Santa Fe New Mexican reports:

    Santa Fe Public Library workers told police a man and woman who had been causing trouble at the south-side branch may have urinated on three copies of Islam’s sacred book and damaged former President Bill Clinton’s 2004 autobiography, My Life

    Library workers also suspect the couple may have taken books by conservative commentator Ann Coulter and copies of the Bible and “laid [them] around the library, as if they were placed on display for all to see,” according to a police report released Monday
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