First Lieutenant Alan David Standorf worked with, if not directly for, the National Security Agency at Vint Hill Farms Station, then a U.S. Army/NSA listening post. In 1990, he became a whistleblower and made contact with Danny Casolaro, an investigative journalist. Standorf gave Casolaro information and copies of classified documents to help expose illegal activities including money laundering, bulk data collection and a list of dissidents to be rounded up in the event of an emergency. Standorf’s was murdered and his body hidden in the back of a car that was left at the airport. Several months later, Casolaro died in what has dubiously been labeled a suicide.

Standorf’s story has been buried under layers of government secrecy and obstruction (to the point of violating DOJ guidance), with what little is known about him being confused by contradictory statements and some misinformation (such as baseless accusations that his death was due to the Clintons, despite no connection to them and the presence of others with motives). This report relies on declassified and unclassified government records, military histories, affidavits, statements from both witnesses and investigators, as well as other contemporary sources