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  1. #1 Trump’s Budget Cuts ‘Public Arts’ And Leaves Tucker Carlson LAUGHING At Liberal Whine 
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    Tucker Carlson had Robin Bronk, CEO of the Creative Coalition on his show yesterday. She’s an old friend of his, but that did not spare her from Tucker’s onslaught. He laughed at her and mocked her for stating that the funding of the arts was a dire necessity. Uh no… it’s not. Trump’s proposed budget will slash $148 million from the National Endowment of the Arts. I am all for that… in fact, I wish all funding would be stripped from them. They have become a political weapon and they are perverted in their message. I am no fan of the NEA.

    The cuts include PBS and other initiatives like Sesame Street. Good. Both of those make a considerable profit. They do not need funding from the US government. “The NEA is in effect, welfare for rich, liberal elites,” Carlson began. “Why should taxpayers be subsidizing entertainment for rich people?” Exactly right! Gee, maybe we should use that money to, I don’t know, harden the power grid? You know, before North Korea or someone else sends us back to the stone age.

    Bronk tried to state that NEA investments produce economic development. That’s laughable. “Cmon, ha ha ha, cmon,” Carlson said to Bronk’s statement. “Look, there are a lot of ways to fund economic development, but you can’t tell me this is the most efficient way
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