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    "As the House and Senate investigations start up, with the House Intelligence Committee hearing from FBI Director James Comey today, there is someone missing from the witness list.
    That would be: Former President Barack Obama."
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    'The' investigation will ebb toward him. I'm not sure what the official name for that investigation will be by the time it reaches the farmhouse.

    At the moment, his actual low-IQ hasn't been on-display.

    Some idiot-network will agree to interview him on his terms... to present the old high-IQ obama. There'll be some glaring omissions of information. This will be a preamble to the investigation as it begins to close-in.

    Followed by an aide-or-two publicly falling-on-their-swords.

    Then the tiny 1-paragraph announcement that such 'n such has been retained as legal counsel.
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