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  1. #1 Can Washington Stop Big Tech Companies? Donít Bet on It 
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    The history of American business is one of repeated cycles of unfettered, sometimes catastrophic growth followed by periods of reflection and regulation. In previous eras of suffocating corporate dominance over our lives ó when industrialists gained an economic stranglehold through railroads and vast oil and steel concerns, or when rampant financial speculation sent the nation into economic paroxysms ó Americans turned to their government for a fix.

    In the last half-century, lawmakers and regulators set up a regime to improve the safety of automobiles and other manufactured goods, to break up a telephone monopoly that controlled much of the nationís communications and to loosen the fatal grip that tobacco companies held over American society.

    We are now at another great turning point in the global economy. A handful of technology companies, the Frightful Five ó Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, the largest American corporations by stock-market value ó control the technological platforms that will dominate life for the foreseeable future.

    Yet despite their growth and obvious impact on the economy and society, technology has long been given a special pass. For nearly two decades, under Republican and Democratic presidents, most tech giants have been spared from much legislation, regulation and indeed much government scrutiny of any kind.
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    To big to FAIL?

    NO and NEVER!!!!!!

    When a company reaches a point that its failure would cause not a ripple in the ocean of our economy, but rather a tidal wave. The total market capitalization for the top 10 companies is $4.9 TRILLION dollars, that is larger than our Federal budget of $4T. They are bigger than our Govt...which is TOO BIG!!!! If any one of these companies failed there would be a potential domino effect and even if it only affected one other company the result could be as much a $1.4 TRILLION impact

    Can you be too RICH?


    I am an uber capitalist and have NEVER in my life thought someone could be too rich...until recently. I do not know where the max wealth line is so I will toss something out: Individual wealth at $10 Billion and when you cross that line your tax rate begins to climb to 50% + 10% fir every $10 B past that point.
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    Technology business by its very nature are in a position to influence thought. These companies have been doing this already, they need to be broken up considering they don't "lean liberal", they are liberal!
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