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Dear Bill O'Reilly fans:

Your lives just improved.

I know you won't believe this, and that you'll call me a leftwingliberalnortheastestablishmentivyleaguecomm iejewfag, however, O'Reilly's absence removes one source that poisons your brain.

Don't bother to thank me now for making you aware of this. Please recover completely. You'll thank me later.

On edit: Read that long thing in the second paragraph slowly. It's what "they" call us without taking a breath to separate the words.
Dear, dear Cyano,

Yes I know you have been brainwashed in cult like fashion to believe that anyone who doesn't think like you is wrong, the enemy, vile, evil, deranged, etc. However, it is YOUR brain that is poisoned. And in true cult like fashion liberals/Democrats cannot win in the area of open public debate so they do everything they can to make sure their brainwashed followers don't hear other viewpoints that they claim are wrong, evil, bad, etc. Liberals traffic in cult tactics on a daily basis.

Not liking Obama's policies is.................racism. (so shut up, you racist)
Not liking Hillary's policies and her corruption is ...... misogynist (so shut up, you woman hater)
Believing our immigration laws should be followed ............. is anti immigrant, hate
Global warming, climate change, etc is "settled science" even though it is nothing but a theory with many holes that necessitates lying about and manipulating the data to claim it is "true".

Conservative beliefs are conveniently considered "hate speech" and conservative speakers are said to be "haters" and so are shouted down. Liberals endorse and participate in riots and violence to shut them down so that those who want to hear them cannot.

political correctness, 'microaggressions', fake "hate crimes"........ the list goes on and on. CULT TACTICS all.

Because liberals cannot "win" any other way.

Sure, O'Reilly won't be on FOX NEWS. But he'll be somewhere else, and if he isn't, there are many places and many ways to hear and read about conservatives politics. So I wouldn't crow too much.

And no we have no interest in being a part of your 'cult'. We hear both conservative and liberal ideology every day, and we have decided that what we believe based on hearing both, unlike many, many liberals.

But really, your letter to us was..............cute, even if it was arrogant, smug and delusional.