I won't quote your post, Adam, for the sake of brevity, but it's petty spot on. I'd draw the geographic line between Norcal and Socal somewhere between Stockton and Sacramento, though there's lots of sane people south of that line. I grew up 6 miles outside of a medium-large agricultural town near Sacto, and my Dad was a farmer. OTOH, I've lived all my life since age 18 in the Valley of the Sun or Silicon Valley, learning and working with electronics. I don't think either sort of area is immune from cultural tunnel vision, but factors ranging from business dealings to TV & movies constantly remind rural folk of the "big city". OTOH, dwellers in large cities can avoid familiarity with rural folk with zero effort or awareness. Contempt grows easily in soil where knowledge is lacking.

FWIW, when I moved to Phoenix, I had no relatives and few friends there (a couple who knew my Mom from 20-30 years previous). Pretty much, adjusting to city life amounted to wearing out a AAA map of the city and figuring out where grocery stores and gas stations were (back then, on just about ever major intersection), finding a church, etc..