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  1. #1 Explain why Democrats in Congress keep saying it's "too soon" to be discussing impeac 
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    Explain why Democrats in Congress keep saying it's "too soon" to be discussing impeachment?!!!

    -Obstruction of Justice (evidence in public, FFS)

    -Potential Abuse of Power ( traitor giving top secret intel to Russians in Oval Office - jeopardizing National Security and our ally(s)) Also, now public.

    What's the strategy? IMO, at this point we look weak by not calling a spade a spade. Hell I'm aware the rethugs won't do it but the Dems in Congress need to not confuse the citizens by saying it's too soon. It gives the appearance that our traitor isn't guilty of impeachable offenses.

    How long can this runaway train (leaks, thank God) keep going? Seriously, are we to wait another year(s) for Special Counsel to wrap this up in a bow? The impeachable evidence is public. Show Americans that the rethugs, once again, are aiding and abetting an enemy of the U.S. when they don't vote for impeachment in the House.

    Mueller, FBI, and congressional committees can continue investigations into Russian cyberops, money/financial crimes, etc. Then they can actually indict traitor tiny hands once he's impeached as long as the statue of limitations hasn't expired.

    If you feel as I do, call your Dems in Congress. I am.
    LOL. They're saying it's "too soon" because they KNOW there is nothing to impeach him on. Those that say there is are basing it on innuendo, outright lies and the fallacy that simply having contact with Russians is "proof" of collusion.

    And they know that despite all of the efforts to push Trump supporters and Republicans to turn on Trump they are not stupid and see if for what it is and do not agree with impeachment. If they try it voters will turn on the Democrats. So they've changed their tune and are saying it's "too soon". Democrats still say that there is no evidence of collusion - not that DUers will believe it.
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    1. Everyone of them could say exactly what you wanted

    and it would make zero difference. They don't control the House. I expect they are being measured in their comments so as not to undermine credibility for what is inevitably coming.
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    8. I know it would make zero difference. My point was our Dems saying it's too soon when the American

    public has clearly seen the evidence of Obstruction of Justice, undermines the gravity of trump's actions.

    Why can't their message be the truth...that they are powerless because the rethugs will not do the right thing for our country?!
    American public = Democrats, Republican's/conservative's saying there is no evidence = irrelavent.

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    4. Think back to Nixon /Agnew. Get rid of Pence and Ryan, then impeach.
    gibraltar72 (315 posts)

    5. They want

    to let Republicans simmer in Trump sauce till they are well done.
    Me. (14,618 posts)

    6. T's Crossed, I's Dotted, Charges Filed

    No jumping of gun
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    Lack of any proof?
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