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  1. #1 Excellent article from VOX on how f'n insane the Left is getting! 
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    This is a very good chronology/analysis of how insane they are and how much more insane they will become. The batshit, moonbat, fever swamp, crazy Left are walking among us.

    One of their ultimate theories is that there will be a "deal". Trump, Pence, McConnell and Ryan are all go down because of Russia and that Hatch will assume the presidency as he being the President Pro Tem and 4th in line. Then he will appoint Hillary as VP and then he will resign in the "deal's" culmination. They really believe this. Some of this insanity bubbles up to the NY Slimes and Wash Piss.

    Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia
    Why liberal conspiracy theories are flourishing in the age of Trump.
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    It certainly shows how they can't tell friend from foe that's for sure. McConnell never stood up to the left when Obama was in office. In fact, he turned his guns on his conservative base numerous times.
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