There's nothing wrong with their imagination and creative writing skills.......though, being liberals, they consider their imagination to be the same as facts and evidence/reality. They have the arrested development of a 3 or 4 year old.
McCamy Taylor (16,816 posts) Pence is Obvioulsy the One Who Convinced Trump To Pull a "Saturday Night Massacre."

What a wild two weeks. Trump was safe. His party had control of both houses of Congress and the Justice Department. He had the power to change the subject at any time just by lobbing missiles at a foreign country. Americans love a good gladiatorial battle--as long as it is being fought in someone else's back yard. And then someone persuaded Trump to pull the ultimate Dick move. And by "Dick" I mean Dick Nixon, the man who single handedly jump started the Watergate scandal by arranging to have Special Prosecutor Cox fired. Anyone who was alive in 1973 remembers the Saturday Night Massacre. It was the moment America turned on its president--a president who really did win by a popular landslide. Trump just barely squeaked by on a technicality. What made him think that he could get away with copying Nixon's greatest mistake? What snake in the grass was whispering in his ear? Telling him "You're the president. You can do anything. "

Pence now claims it was Sessions and Rosenstein. Obviously a lie. If Rosenstein was guilty of that kind of obstruction of justice, he would not have appointed a special prosecutor to investigate, indict and jail all the people involved in the conspiracy to obstruct justice. Rosenstein was forced to appoint a special prosecutor in order to save his own skin after Trump and Pence tried to throw him under the bus.

Now, ask yourself, who benefits if the Assistant Attorney General is forced to appoint a special prosecutor who will almost certainly recommend that Trump be impeached? Answer, Trump's Vice President who hopes to be president soon.

That is why I think that Pence is the one who persuaded Trump to fire Comey. And now, he will promise pardons for everyone--if everyone just keeps their mouths shut about his involvement in the treason and the obstruction of justice. And by "everyone" I mean Trump.

But will Trump go gently into the goodnight of being a private citizen again. He may be vain and senile, but he is cunning enough to realize that he has been duped--and con artists like Donald Trump hate being duped.

I expect things to get ugly between Trump and Pence in the near future. I would not be at all surprised if Trump takes a page from the Pence playbook and starts playing dumb, as in "It was all Pence's idea."
furtheradu (830 posts)

1. Brilliant!

I think You nailed it!
leanforward (409 posts)

2. I'm with you on this.

I've not trusted Pence for some time. Especially with regards to women. I don't believe Pence, and haven't believed him for several years.

I am a loyal citizen/american/patriot in opposition to pRezident dRumpf and any GOP lemming.

Follow the money. US banks don't loan him anything. Why do the Russians? dRumpf says he is not "invested in russian", but are they 'heavily' invested in his business LLC's?
Spider Jerusalem (19,973 posts)

3. Pence pretty clearly expects to be president if he keeps his head down

it's hard to imagine any other reason for a sitting VP to start a new PAC three months into his president's first term.

PufPuf23 (5,709 posts)

4. Your theory makes much sense.

Some ways I trust Pence even less than Trump. Pence is a more capable political animal and more the ideologue. Trump is way more transparent and wishy-washy because of his raw ego. Both are creeps.