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This is absolutely the hottest way I have devised to cook chicken! Heat factor 10. You are warned!
This is a very subjective recipe. I have been experimenting with it for a while, the key ingredient is fresh ground black pepper. About a cup of it! The other main thing is to use flavorful seasoning to brown the chicken with. There are alot of all kinds of peppers in it, you have to keep playing around with it.
This time I did it like this:

15 lbs chicken thighs and legs, skinned
4 onions, rough chop
3 green bell peppers, rough chop
1 cup garlic, rough chop
1 large bottle hot cherry peppers, diced, with liquid
1/2 lb bacon diced
2 green habanero peppers minced
4 or 5 assorted hot peppers diced
some dried hot peppers
olive oil
1 cup fresh ground black pepper
crushed red pepper flakes
cayene pepper
1 can of chipotles in adobo sauce, minced and the sauce
2 cups red wine

For the seasoning I mixed a bottle of Emerils essence and a cup of garlic powder, 2 Tbsp fresh ground black pepper and 2 Tbsp kosher salt.

In a large pot,cook the bacon till crumbly. wilt the onions and green peppers for about 6-8 minutes in the bacon grease, add all the other chopped peppers and cook for 3 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for another minute. Lower heat to simmer.

Season chicken and start browning insome olive oil, with the dried peppers in it, in batches in a large saute pan.

As batches are done, put pieces in large pan with veggies. After every batch in the pot, grab a hand full of black pepper and throw it in! Also as you feel the need, shake some red pepper flakes and some cayene in there.

After the last batch of chicken is browned, deglaze the pan with the wine and cook for 3 minutes or reduced by 1/2. Add to pot.