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No, you arent the only one.. It was a unique scary movie that I thougth was pulled off well, with such a small budget.
While I admired the format, the huge amount of hype surrounding that film before it even broke, and the TV special documentary that aired before the movie (which was actually more chilling than the film itself), BWP broke one of the cardinal rules of storytelling...halfway through the movie I was sick and tired of the three kids and all their bickering and arguing....you hated them because they were so stupid and couldn't pull themselves together (in the least) to try and figure a way out of their predicament...I mean, we all know "victims" in horror movies do stupid things...that's the point, really...but I found myself rooting for the "witch" to kill them and couldn't wait for the end to come. However, the last camera shot at the very end, where something gets the kids holding the camera and it falls to the (basement?) floor, at that weird slanted angle, the screaming, then dead silence as that happened was one of the most effectively terrifying scenes in a movie ever. You wanted to know, to see what that witch was...or whoever or whatever got to the kids...but you were left with that little unknown fact...it was brilliant...and almost worth that trio's mindless juvenile fighting.