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  1. #1 Who was the worst Soldier you've ever had? 
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    Kinda fits humor, but it's all Military. This was a question posted on a Military FB page. The replies are absolutely gold!

    Who was the worst Soldier you've ever had?(Don't name names, just reasons)

    Guy was caught at 3am in a parking lot, in another soldier's truck that he took without permission, with a 14 year old girl. Then spent the next 4 months victim shaming her because she said she was 22. Apparently he didn't know they don't have recess in college. Oh they had been dating for two years before this incident.

    Motherfucker did not know how to pump gas?...I figured he was a bit sheltered. He tagged along when we went to get McDonalds for lunch and went and sat down and waited for someone to come take his order. That sumbitch was so rich he had never been to a fast food joint. He could do literally nothing for himself. We tried to help then turned his ass back to the replacement battalion to reclassify or kick his ass out as incompatible.

    Had a dude that his feet smelled like they were rotting away, showed up drunk and late to pt. He also while cleaning his rifle before going to a qual range forgot to put his firing pin retainer into his bolt and didn't notice until I had him functions check while waiting in his firing order.

    Doing pt soldier declared he could not do push ups because they would break his arms. Same "soldier" during a tool kit lay out put a pawn ticket where an expensive Snap-on set should have been. His excuse was he had to buy milk for his babies. After being given a less than honorable discharge this idiot wanted a job reference which he was given but I am sure it was not used.

    Recently deployed to Iraq, 2010. Kid drank nothing but monster's and rip-its. 6 weeks in he goes to sick call with gut rot and pain. Ends up getting shuffled sound to every clinic on VBC and no one can find what's wrong. Ends up getting sent to Balad to get looked at by the docs at the hospital there. They medevac him to Germany to get MRI and whatnot done. Ends up getting sent to the states and assigned to a med unit/transition unit and was living the good life while on AD (we were NG) while the rest of us are picking up his slack in the desert. Well this dumbass forgets he is FB friends with half the BN and posts about getting a traffic ticket on his way to the beach one weekend. His ass for chaptered out of the army on a deferred punishment for pissing hot after he first joined. Oh and his medical mystery... acute kidney failure due to dehydration and drinking too many goddamn rip-it's.

    Sitting TC in my truck and the truck dies mid convoy look at my driver and ask wtf is going on. "Sergeant what does the E on this gauge mean" as he points to gas gauge. *face fucking palm* told him to apologize to the trees for wasting the air they had produced.

    Chaptered a dirt bag and when all was said and done he wound up with 24 charges against him 17 of them were felonies ranging from stolen valor, theft, forgery, wrongful possession of a prescription he stole from a kid, credit card fraud, purgery and larceny.

    This doesn't even include impersonating an NCO, AWOL, failure to report, and fraudulently producing official government documents.

    Greatest part about escorting that piece of shit off fort Campbell was witnessing his bondsmen rip his stupid ass out the car throwing cuffs on him and revoking his bond on the spot.

    His wife's water broke as this happened and she delivered a white baby (he was black) while he was in Montgomery county jail waiting to see if he could post bail again.

    Call bullshit if you dare! I can provide witnesses to this shit-baggery

    The kid who brought his golf clubs to boot camp, June 19, 1978, Knox. When Drill Sergeant Newton went ballistic, threw those clubs off the bus, the dumbass called Drill Sergeant "Sir".... Drill Sergeant Newton was apoplectic.

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