Lakers' Vujacic says the Celtics play too rough

Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic let the Boston Celtics get to him in Game 5, and he says that's because they play too rough, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"Phil (Jackson) told me after the game that he thought I was a big emotional. And I think he was right," Vujacic told the newspaper. "It all started from that poke in the eye (by Celtics guard Sam Cassell). I got a little bit mad because the ref was right there and he didn't call it."

Vujacic also thought Cassell should have had a foul called on him when he appeared to slam Vujacic down onto the court while they wrestled for a loose ball. Vujacic said later he thought it was on purpose, though television analysts said they believed Vujacic was acting a bit and made the fall look worse than it was.

Vujacic thinks the Celtics are getting away with too much in the series.