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  1. #1 BLM Trying To Stop Bill That Teaches Schoolchildren How To Deal With Police 
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    Black Lives Matter has come out against a new bill proposed by the New Jersey Assembly that compels schools to provide training to youngsters on how to interact with police and avoid confrontation.

    According to a co-sponsor of the bill, Democrat Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, the bill mirrors “The Talk” that many black parents have with their children, explaining the delicacies of dealing with the police in America.

    “Look, I’m just trying to save lives,” said the Assemblywoman, a co-sponsor of the bill which passed in a 76-0 vote back in June.

    Despite good intentions, however, the Black Lives Matter movement has expressed its opposition to the bill, claiming it would just create a scapegoat for police brutality, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

    A lead organizer of a local Black Lives Matter chapter, Alexis Miller, calls the politicians to block the bill when it reaches the Senate, saying it puts pressure on people rather the police to behave accordingly
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    These people are either deaf or brainless. That's the only explanation as to why they can't hear the stupidity vomiting out of their mouths.
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    Guess what "color" Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver is? She's black, much to my non-surprise. She's of the generation who grew up with and "knew" MLK, and believed in his goals of an integrated and harmonious society.

    BLM is trying to teach her a lesson for going off the plantation for the sake of preventing confrontations and maybe saving lives. Hopefully the lesson she learns is that BLM and similar blacktivist orgs want those confrontations and want those deaths. It's $$ in their pockets.
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