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    I came to Texas as soon as I could

    1933: Popeye made his movie debut in the Fleischer Studios-animated “Popeye the Sailor.”
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    Now we have the new look and sometimes I stop my channel surfing to watch for just a few minutes some of the latest cartoon series on PBS. I have Anime Studio and the output and rendering is so clean and clear it makes old style cartoons look ...well OLD ! Most people have no interest in anything related to computer graphics but even for a novice or non professional it is a really great past time for anyone .

    You got everything you need to do any type of art work and you get it for free. To name a few you got Inkscape a vector drawing program and is a five star program, don't be fooled because it is free. Then you have open source photo editor and drawing tool The Gimp, another five star program free.

    You have Blender the 3d editor for 3d work and modeling free again. You got so many programs out there it really is hard to keep track of all the names. Oh I should also mention another image manipulation tool free I could go on and on. MakeHuman is a 3d character modeling program free

    I used inkscape to do this dog and I did use a finished print as a model to try my hand using the tools and that's how you learn the techniques to make characters. The gradients are what really makes one look good, lots of fun for old guys.

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