Raging Freedom converted this direct testimony into article format to protect the source. Some bits of it are direct quotes and others are edited by the Raging Freedom editorial board.

The alleged origin of this testimony comes from an unnamed university in the State of California.

The student claims that in this liberal writing class he took there was no focus on mechanics, grammar, rhetorical skills, critical thinking, argumentative strategies.

Topics often required were essays on liberal topics such as “police brutality, abortion, death penalty, assisted suicide, gay rights, and global warming”.

The student claimed that any conservative stance on these issues will result in at least one letter grade lower on a paper. This student claims he empirically tested this out.

He claimed he would experiment with the liberal side of the argument for comparison, and each time he received a better grade throughout the duration of his university education.

The student claimed that in a 400 level english class a teacher stated ‘We don’t want to hear from or have any sources from white males
In California this is probably school policy for any school, any grade, any subject.