A hacker claimed Tuesday to be in possession of emails taken from a top State Department official who focuses on “secret” intelligence work by the diplomatic agency toward Russia, and some of the emails included exchanges between the official and Central Intelligence Agency officers, Foreign Policy reported Friday.

The hacker, using the name “Johnnie Walker,” stated in an email to an unknown number of people that he had emails dating back two years from the State official’s personal Gmail account. The hacker’s motives and nation of origin are unclear, and the report does not mention wanting payment, which many hackers are known to request. The official’s identity was withheld for national security reasons.

The hacker’s message claimed the emails were to and from “CIA officers and other intelligence agencies, mainstream media, NGOs and international funds” and that they would “give you evidence of who is responsible for agenda formation in many countries worldwide, especially where the situation is insecure.”
Why would high level intelligence go to the MSM, NGO's and international funds ?