Here's the latest "I was held at gunpoint because I'm black".

Long story short, she bought a car while traveling and got the registration and paperwork done and then went on her way, without the car. She came back later to get the car. After taking a screwdriver out of her purse to remove the old license plate and put hers on the previous owners son in law who lived across the street and was an off duty police officer accused her of trying to steal it. In doing so he pointed a gun at her. The previous owner wasn't home and he did not know she had sold the car. He calls the police and an officer comes out, and they straighten it out.

But it was alllll about her skin color.

MrScorpio (67,380 posts) Lifesaving Advice From A Black Woman HELD AT GUNPOINT BY POLICE

(Basically, it's surrender or die. Because as a black anything, cops won't hesitate taking our lives if they think that they can get away with it.)


It’s still hard for me to believe that last month I almost became a hashtag — another black person gunned down by a panicky cop.

I don’t have a criminal record.

I shop at Trader Joe’s.

I’m college-educated.

I’m a woman.

As I stared at the officer nervously pointing his gun at me, I realized immediately what he saw: a black person who had no business being in his neighbor’s driveway.

Wait, let me take you back to the beginning:

On April 28, I bought a 2005 Isuzu Ascender from a woman in Jefferson City, Tennessee. I was on my way home to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Nashville, Tennessee, and I found the SUV on Craigslist. I had been searching for the perfect SUV for more than a month. This had a female owner who followed the maintenance schedule, relatively low miles, leather interior, tow package, roof rack and even a sunroof. The Ascender was the one. I bought it on the spot.

I left with both sets of keys, the title and a bill of sale, which she signed. Over the next couple of days, we talked a couple of times as I confirmed my pickup date of May 3. That’s how I found myself at the end of her son-in-law’s gun. I drove a rental car to Morristown, Tennessee, and took an unmarked taxi to the woman’s house about 3 p.m. I talked to her the day before. The Ascender was parked in the same spot in her driveway as it was the previous week when I purchased it. Her newer Toyota 4Runner was parked beside it.

The cab dropped me off and sped away. We’d gotten lost along the way, and he was irritated. I was tired but excited. The sun was shining, and the area around me was beautiful with lush trees and rolling hills. I soaked in the scenery.
Does anyone think that if it was a white person that the same thing wouldn't have happened?

sheshe2 (42,260 posts) 1. Sad to have to say this...

She is very lucky to be alive.

Thank you for posting this, MrScorpio.
ThoughtCriminal (11,330 posts)

4. And if he had murdered her

We would just hear his side - with quite a few fabrications to back up self-defense. The deputy would back it up, and even assuming there were charges, he would be acquitted.
rogue emissary (762 posts)

6. Listing that she's college educated and has no criminal record isn't germane.

Those things never really stopped cops from gunning us down. Hell, the only thing that theoretically could save you is literally having white skin.

The best line of the article. Which I whole heartedly agree with is below.

"The legal system is asking untrained civilians to de-escalate panicky cops."
Scarsdale (2,026 posts)

8. I cried

when I read this. What has this country come to? A happy time, getting a "new" car, turns into almost getting shot.
SamKnause (8,185 posts)

11. I am so sick and tired of these EVIL fucking police !!!!

The response is always the same.

They acted appropriately.

They think everyone not wearing a badge is a criminal.

They are the criminals and this fucking country is protecting them at all costs.

This country doesn't give a damn about it's citizens.

There is no rule of law in this country.

There is no justice is this country.
rurallib (44,563 posts)

15. So my first thought was - what if one thing changed - the color of her skin

The SIL would probably still come over. He would ask what was going on.
There would be no gun.
He would make a call or two to do the proper checks and then apologize for bothering her.

True Dough (3,930 posts)

26. I believe you're right

There was no need to have the gun drawn.

As the author said: " Not knocking on the door was also suspicious, but I suspect knocking would’ve been suspicious, too."
She was in a no-win situation, it was essentially a matter of preserving her life, which is an unacceptable position for her to have endured.
Liberals have to keep the racial anger and hatred of black people sky high.

And here's Heaven, one of DU's most angry racist black members.

heaven05 (14,394 posts)

32. on this day of worship

in ameriKKKan christiandom, the most segregated hour in america mind you, this situation faced by this AA woman is as perfect a description of racist ameriKKKa that can be ascribed to a self proclaimed privileged people carrying, in it's gun wielding lethality, all the threat inherent of perceived white superiority vs minority standing in that white superiority/privilege mindset.

That this mindset is extremely prevalent and murderously used by gun wielding authorities of the state is even more telling of the white superiority/privilege mindset in this country and worldwide.....and don't get me wrong I have laments about all races and our negatives but for the purpose of this response to the OP I will only talk about white racism/privilege not black self-hate or human failings in general.

That Ms. Jamison survived is a miracle. She was an unarmed black person in this time of whites reasserting their superiority over minorities after 8 years of unfounded racist white terror at the fact that an AA President could send them off to resettlement camps in montana somewhere to settle accounts for Native-american genocide and the forced slavery and servitude of African-americans to white whims and notions of superiority. She was on the receiving end of a racist's lethal solution, in his cowardly racist mindset, to the "problem" of AA citizenship.

Yesterday I was talking to another person of mixed race origin, his white genes coming from a mother, just as I. We had a long conversation on white genocide perpetrated against the Native-american and the unjust slavery of African-americans by white people exercising their privilege and technology of the time(guns) against vastly undergunned or ungunned minorities facing white american religiously inspired 'Manifest Destiny' here in amerikkka.....and yes I WILL continue to us the KKK in describing this culture because americans have been viciously racist from the beginning and the campaign and presidency of the boy-potus now making hay with this so-called democracy show me this culture and it's inhabitants of European origin are still vicious and hate driven when it comes to the jealousy exposed because of the strength of minorities in surviving this racism and hate in this country specifically.