Tonight was the first time I've seen the Steve Hilton show on FoxNews. It was an in depth look at draining the medical swamp, exposing the annual salaries of some of the CEO 's of hospitals, both private and non-profit. We're talking to the tune of $4M to $14M.

They mentioned Rick Scott, current gov of Florida. He was the head of HCA, Hospital Corp of America.

I've seen in St Louis the consolidation of hospitals, the taking over of hospitals by a mega-hospital. At least there is still some competition. SR and I are going with a competing hospital, one not gobbling up the others.

I'm all for the profit motive, am a life-long believer in capitalism, but when the desire for profits lead to terrible health consequences, I'm not so sure. The hell of it is the supposed "non-profits" are often just as bad, or worse, because they end up not paying taxes, yet keep up the squeezing of the system.

Here's hoping that the medical swamp is drained. This new show looks like it's off to a pretty good start. Plus at least they have Kimberly Gilfoyle to pretty up the place---and to add some good comments.