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  1. #1 ‘Passed gas’ forces passengers from plane at RDU, spokesperson says 
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    RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A person who “passed gas” on an American Airlines plane on Sunday afternoon forced all passengers off the jet, officials said.

    The incident happened when passengers on the flight became ill with nausea and headaches, according to a spokesperson with Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
    The flight, which was not identified by RDU officials, landed at the airport around 4 p.m. when the incident was reported.

    All the passengers were taken off the plane and after the incident was investigated it was determined that a passenger “passed gas,” the official said.

    Authorities later said that the incident was a “medical call” and directed all questions to Wake County EMS.
    RDU officials did not identify where the plane was from or its destination or what type of aircraft was involved.

    American Airlines officials Sunday night said that a plane had an odor issue but denied it was because of “passed gas.”
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    One night, graveyard shift, in the big open prison housing, I'm sitting at the front, bored to tears because all the inmates are asleep. Suddenly I hear "YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKER!!" from down one of the rows. Don't see any activity, but I walk down to see what's going on. At almost the end of the row, I walk through a cloud of funk that about made me hurl. If someone did that in a confined airplane cabin, I could see it needing evacuated.

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    Well that stinks!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Breathtaking news.
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