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  1. #1 Golden Retriever Jumps into Ocean to Save Drowning Deer at Long Island Beach 
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    A golden retriever leaped into the ocean to save a drowning deer during a morning walk on a Long Island beach, according to a video captured by the dog’s owner.

    Mark Freeley, the dog’s owner, told NBC New York that he had been taking his dog, Storm, for a walk along PJ Harbor around 8 a.m. Sunday, when Storm jumped into the water to swim after something.

    The video shows the dog swimming to shore while grabbing a large fawn in its mouth.

    Once Storm made it to shore, he placed the deer on the sand. The deer struggled to stand up, so the dog carried the deer farther inland by the rocks.

    The dog lay the fawn down on the rocky area, licking and nudging the deer in attempts to revive it
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    Dogs love deer jerky!
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    That sausage is pretty damned good too
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    What a good dog. Hope it didn't get any ticks from the fawn. The article said the fawn was covered in them.

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