We all know the deal with government contractors. Some attain great credibility for being scrupulous with the money they receive and their transparency in bookkeeping. Others… not so much. You always have to keep an eye on the books because they might end up padding their billable hours a bit or perhaps book first class flights when the contract only allows for coach. But it takes a serious set of stones submit a bill to Uncle Sam for a new Porsche for your CEO. Yet amazingly, as Government Executive reports this week, that’s not only what happened, but they actually collected the money. The culprits were from an outfit named New Century Consulting in Great Britain.

A contractor providing intelligence and training services to the Defense Department billed luxury cars to the government, sought reimbursements for the salaries of well-connected secretaries who did little in the way of actual work and exceeded statutory caps for executives’ pay, according to a new audit.

All told, the Defense Contract Auditing Agency questioned $50 million the British company New Century Consulting billed to the Pentagon, according to a report summarized in a letter from Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. The vehicles, including Porsches, a Bentley and an Aston Martin, were used exclusively by the CEO and other top executives at the company, DCAA found.

New Century operated as a subcontractor for Imperatis Corp., which has an extended history of problematic dealings with the federal government