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    Media Loses Interest in Houston Mosque Arson After Muslim Charged

    The Muslim charged with setting fire to his own mosque turned over his passport and the judge set his bond at $150,000 on Monday. He remains in jail.

    True to a prediction by Breitbart News’ John Nolte, once authorities revealed the identity of the alleged arsonist as not a white racist inspired by Donald Trump but a Muslim, the mainstream media lost interest in the story.

    Moore did not appear in court but was represented by his attorney Edward M. Chernoff. His arraignment where charges will be formally read against him has been reset upon the request of his lawyer. He will have an opportunity to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty at that time.

    Gary Nathaniel Moore has been charged with arson in a place of worship, a first degree felony.

    As reported by Breitbart Texas, the charging instrument stated that Moore started a fire by igniting materials at a place of worship on Christmas Day. The complaint charges that he used and exhibited a deadly weapon, namely a fire, to commit the felony offense of arson at the Savoy Masjid Mosque in Houston.

    Moore told a Houston fire investigator that he has been a member of the mosque for five years, and comes to the mosque to pray five times a day, seven days a week, as reported by Breitbart Texas
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    The MSM not having reported this outcome, it seems natural they could not understand Trump holding back condemnations wrt the MN Islamic Center fire until the identity of the arsonist is known.
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