UCLA professor Andrew Apter, a violinist in the Santa Monica Symphony, appeared on the Dennis Prager Show Monday to defend his call for musicians and members of the community to boycott a concert where Prager will be guest conducting the orchestra.

Prager invited Apter onto the show after he and a fellow UCLA professor and violinist circulated a letter declaring: “Please urge your friends to not attend this concert, which helps normalize bigotry in our community.”

After introducing his guest, Prager asked him if he would apply his liberal principles in all circumstances, such as the controversial 2008 visit of the New York Philharmonic to North Korea.

“If you were a member of the New York Philharmonic, would you play in North Korea?” Prager asked.

“Well, that’s an interesting question,” Apter replied. “I think that that’s a decision that individual musicians should make. I would go, yes, because I see that as a diplomatic, cultural mission, much the way the opening up of China took place under the Nixon administration with orchestral exchanges.”