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  1. #1 Female Hollywood Directors Demand Quota System For Women 
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    There is this liberal line of thought that says in order to make everyone equal, we need special rules for certain groups. That makes about as much sense as creating fire with water, but nobody has ever accused liberals of being of sound of mind. A group of female Hollywood directors thinks that there needs to be a quota system to help make women equal to men in the entertainment industry. Trust me, the irony that Hollywood is more liberal than a Planned Parenthood Obama fundraiser at an anti-gun Black Lives Matter rally (riot) is not lost on me.

    Yahoo! News reports about this Television Critics Association roundtable (bitchfest).

    Female directors who have worked on TV shows like “American Horror Story” and “Scandal” say quotas are necessary to obtain more gender and racial diversity in Hollywood.

    “I never want to be hired because I’m a woman director, but maybe at this moment there needs to be quotas,” said Maggie Kiley.

    So she doesn’t want to be hired because she is a women, but thinks there needs to be a quota system to hire people just because they are women? I don’t want to come off as sexist here, but maybe that kind of irrational thinking is part of the problem.

    “If that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes,” added Rachel Goldberg.

    I should point out that the Yahoo! story never explains who these uppity women are. I am assuming they are directors of some kind, but they could just as easily be meter maids
    What would happen if a transvestite or someone who "identifies" as a female wants to be included in this quote ?
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    Hollyweird is deservedly well known for its products being a lot whiter than real life American society, for many decades. Hollyweird is Lib/Prog, so it's their hypocrisy they need to set straight. I think quotas will prove as ineffective and damaging in Hollyweird as they do in other areas of society and business, but it's Hollyweird's problem, not mine.

    I won't watch or listen to crap, regardless of the skin color or plumbing of the performers. And the same is true regarding well done entertainment I do like.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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