Looks like we have some down time
later this month. Here are some tentative
details from our ISP...

We are pleased to announce that we will be migrating all servers in Atlanta, GA to a new data center facility in Charlotte, NC during the month of September. The move to the new facility will enable us to continue to grow and service your needs now and in the future. Within a few days, we will be contacting you again with a window of time when your server will be offline as we shutdown the server and migrate it to the new facility in Charlotte.

Q: When will the move occur?

A: We are tenatively looking at late night Saturday, September 23 into the morning of Sunday, September 24. Once we have a confirmed date and time, we will follow up with another message with further details.

Q: How long will the outage last?

A: We will provide a 12 hour maintenance window for the move, but we anticipate that the actual outage will not last for the full maintenance window. While we cannot predict the exact amount of time required for the move, here is some additional information that should give you a general idea:

- The new facility is approximately 240 miles away from the old facility. The driving time will be about four hours.
- There will be time required for de-racking, packaging, loading, unloading, unpackaging, and re-racking the equipment, which will likely be about two hours at each location.

As our ISP gets closer to move time I should have more info
which I will share but hopefully it won't be a big deal.