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    WASHINGTON — President Bush called on Congress Wednesday to open U.S. coastal waters to oil and gas development by lifting a 27-year-old ban on drilling off the American coastline, and allowing states to decide whether to permit production off their shores.

    Blaming Democrats for stalling, Bush said, "Congress must face a hard reality. Unless members are willing to accept gas prices at a today's levels, or even higher," the country "must produce more oil, and we must start now."


    the democraps say:
    WASHINGTON — Eleven senators called on the Bush administration Tuesday to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization against eight members of the OPEC cartel, saying they are violating trade rules by colluding to hold down global oil supplies.

    The senators, 10 Democrats and one independent, maintained "the very existence of OPEC" violates the GATT trade agreement that prohibits nations from setting quotas or imposing other restrictions on exports.


    so the dems wanna go after OPEC. ha can you say boomerang ????? they would rather risk even higher prices to protect the lil' fish's and coral reefs. right.
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