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    You Need To Stop

    The infighting is going to tank this party and any chance the Democratic party has of growing its numbers in 2018 or winning the executive back in 2020. It is that plain and simple.

    I was a Sanders supporter and, like 90% of Sanders supporters, not only did I vote for Clinton in the GE but I supported her. She won the primary and no one can say she didn't earn her place in the GE. Certainly, she has been the most demonized candidate in the history of politics and I, like many other Sanders supporters, would agree she has not been treated fairly.

    The small percentage of Sanders supporters who did not vote for Hillary were never really Democrats anyway. They were people who were independents who believed in Sanders and were enticed away.

    Rehashing the fact that < 10% of Sanders supporters voted for some other candidate isn't going to change where we are.

    And turning Sanders into the enemy is certainly not going to help.

    And turning on Sanders supporters is going to hurt worse than you think.

    Please let go of this. We are where we are and it is what it is. We must fight the bigger fight and focus on the real issue.

    I cannot believe we are still having these fights here.
    At DU it's thread after thread of Sanders/Clinton infighting and blaming. The hate is as strong as ever.

    Here's just a sampling:


    Demsrule86 (14,795 posts)

    For All who didn't support Hillary Clinton in the general...who complained about her on various

    websites and maybe even at the end voted for her grudgingly after turning others against her or perhaps voted for Stein...consider DACA and the suffering that will happen. You helped bring this about. But don't you know the parties are the same? (Sarcasm) Shame on you...oh and fuck Sarandon, Stein and Turner (no longer a Democrat as she has offered to support GOP candidates). Enjoy your privilege.

    Sen. Walter Sobchak (8,339 posts)
    Focusing on Bernie Sanders as an individual is a harmful distraction

    I did not support Bernie Sanders, I do not like Bernie Sanders, I don't think what happened in the 2016 primaries should have been allowed to happen and I would support any endeavor to make sure it never happens again. Although I voted for Clinton (for all the difference it made in California) I did not support her either because I didn't think she was nationally competitive.

    However we have to be honest about what happened. Bernie Sanders found a significant amount of support among the leftist wing of our party. This was nothing but sincere idealism, there was nothing sinister about it. The problem however is that this expression was met with disingenuous allegations of deplorablism. You couldn't plot the differences between Clinton and Sanders supporters on any issue of gender, race or sexuality on a Venn diagram because there aren't any. Bernie supporters were no more motivated by misogyny than ISIS is motivated by Metamodernism but by casting Bernie supporters as our very own flavor of deplorable it became difficult to then unite behind Clinton as the camps meet with mutual suspicion or loathing.

    Going into 2020 we are most likely going to have Gillibrand and Booker, a white woman and a black man running, both centrists with records and histories that the left aren't going to like very much. "The Tobacco Industry Lawyer" and "Hedge Fund Apologist School Privatizing Neo-Liberal."

    We can not put ourselves in a position where the opponents of Gillibrand and Booker who sincerely enough support the other or follow another candidate entirely in the primaries (preferably an actual Democrat) are dishonestly attacked as misogynists and racists. You can not attack someone's character and then reasonably expect their loyalty when the dust settles.

    I will not excuse anything the Bernie supporters did that was disruptive or otherwise inappropriate but the Clinton camp crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed and must never be crossed again. If we allow the supporters of primary opponents to be attacked in this way we will tear ourselves to pieces and permanently ostracize not just leftists but the mainstream who find themselves having bet on the wrong horse.

    Tue Sep 5, 2017, 08:57 AM
    DonViejo (31,017 posts)
    Hillary Throws Shade at Bernie: 'Fundamentally Wrong' About Democratic Party

    by Joseph A. Wulfsohn | 6:00 am, September 5th, 2017

    Hillary Clinton‘s new book What Happened will be released next week, but numerous excerpts from her tell-all from the 2016 election have been shared, including one about her Democratic primary rival, Bernie Sanders.

    Tom Watson tweeted this page from her book.


    She took aim at Sanders for “impugning” her character during the primary, which she believed ultimately helped Donald Trump win in the election.

    “Because we agreed on so much, Bernie couldn’t make an argument against me in this area on policy, so he had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character,” she wrote. “When I finally challenged Bernie during a debate to name a single time I changed a position or a vote because of a financial contribution, he couldn’t come up with anything. Nonetheless, his attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

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    Lesson 1 in why it won't stop: Poster says "You" instead of "We."
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    There's a saying that victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. Progs are trying to orphan the defeat they fathered.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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