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    Nance is having quite a day. She seems to think that we care about what she thinks. We don't, but hey, it's a microcosm into the liberal mind, and the hatred that resides there. Unhinged, unhinged...
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    So GOP, About the Next Democratic President

    Eventually (and no doubt sooner than you think), we will again have a Democratic president.

    I’d just like to know if the same standards you have applied to Donald Trump will be applied to the next (D) president.

    If the next (D) president is proven to have cheated workmen out of their pay when building his “empire”, students out of money paid to his fake university, collected money for “charity” that he used to pay personal debts, will you dismiss those things as irrelevant?

    If the next (D) president is a thrice-married, self-proclaimed pussy-grabber, will you declare him a good Christian who was chosen by God to lead a nation?

    If the next (D) president hands classified information to the Russians in a “closed meeting” in the Oval Office, will you claim he has a right to “declassify” information whenever he feels like it?

    If the next (D) president is documented as lying to the American public an average of five times a day, will you simply ignore it?

    If the next (D) president, his campaign personnel, advisors and family members have multiple meetings/communications with our enemies (like Russia, for example) and they all lie about it until confronted with the proof thereof, will you denounce any investigations into those facts as a “witch-hunt” and demand they be shut down?

    If the next (D) president “tweets” misspelled, ungrammatical, and totally inane messages on a regular basis, will you say he’s being “presidential”?

    If the next (D) president requires his daily briefings to be reduced to a single page of bullet points, and continually demonstrates his complete ignorance of how our government works, will you insist it’s unimportant because he’s “new at the job”?

    If the next (D) president spends his days watching TV and “tweeting”, will you praise his “hard work on behalf of the people”? What about spending 25% of his time on the golf course – same answer?

    If the next (D) president accuses his predecessor of illegally wire-tapping him with no proof whatsoever, will you just shrug it off and pretend it didn’t happen?

    If the next (D) president appoints totally inexperienced people to his Cabinet and advisory positions, will you remain silent?

    If the next (D) president insults our allies and constantly praises our enemies (Putin comes to mind), will you say it’s of no consequence?

    If the next (D) president does everything to appeal to his “base” while giving no regard to the citizenry as a whole, will you refuse to criticize him?

    If the next (D) president invites his daughter to represent the US at international meetings, will you just look the other way? How about tasking his no-political-experience-whatsoever son-in-law with solving problems like unrest in the Middle East, government reform, opioid crisis management, criminal justice reform – and more? Will you find that acceptable?

    If the next (D) president uses his position as POTUS to make money for his personally-owned businesses, will you look the other way?

    If the next (D) president pardons his political cronies, and even inquires into whether he can pardon himself of crimes he may commit while in office, will you refuse to even acknowledge it?

    Most importantly, when the next (D) president is elected, will you declare that we should ALL support him, no matter what?

    I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page. I would hate to think you have one set of rules for an (R) president and another for a (D) president. That would mean you are hypocrites with absolutely no regard for the well-being of the nation, and are more than willing to put party above country.

    You wouldn’t want to be seen as unpatriotic hypocrites, would you?

    Yeah, right ...
    Hey, Nance. All of that drivel is irrelavent, because WE are going to treat the next (D) President just like you liberals treat President Trump. He or she will be a illegitimate pResident, An affirmative action hire if it's a woman or a minority, stupid, ill informed, and knowing liberals like we do will likely be a racist race baiter. He/she will be perpetually mocked and ridiculed.

    And you might actually see what real hatred from conservatives look like, instead of all the fake claims of hate based on nothing more than conservatives not agreeing with liberals. And I'm sure we can come up with accusations of lying, hate, and one scandal after another just like liberals are doing. Yes, we've learned a lot from liberals about being uncivil and expressing hatred for someone we just don't agree with. And eventually we just might be able to lie as much as and as well (or at least as bold as) liberals do now.

    You see, just as you can lie about the above things, we can lie about, cast aspirations, take words and sentences out of context and assume we know his/her intentions, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and motivations (and being a Democrat they won't be good). Your (D) pResident won't have a chance to get anything accomplished.

    Democrats have, after all set the precedent.
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    Crazy Ol' Nance is on quite a bender lately.
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    In what year is she speaking-of ?

    America can't take the chance of ever having a Democrat in the Oval Office again.
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    Same tired "facts" repackaged once more.

    I guess Nance likes to cut&paste the SOS
    over and over. But you know Nance...

    The Donald is still the President
    of The United States.

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Of course there will be a Dem in the White House again, by law of averages. And the potshots will continue back and forth until one side or the other has a candidate that will simply blow the other one out of the water, by at least a 60-40 margin rather than the 50.1-49.9 we've been enduring. When that will happen, and with what candidates, the crystal ball does not say.
    "Today, [the American voter] chooses his rulers as he buys bootleg whiskey, never knowing precisely what he is getting, only certain that it is not what it pretends to be." - H.L. Mencken
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    She seems stuck on the pussy-grabber thing. Poor old sot must be feeling lonely of late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DumbAss Tanker View Post
    She seems stuck on the pussy-grabber thing. Poor old sot must be feeling lonely of late.
    She's too hate-consumed to find a transcript of what Trump actually said. He did not say that he had done that, contrary to the misrepresentations of the punditocracy and commentariat.

    But pretty much every one of her premises is false (it is true that Trump has been married 3 times; Bill Clinton, OTOH is a serial adulterer and worse, and HilLIARy has been his enabler for decades). False premises lead to false conclusions, not that facts matter to DU-grade Progs.

    OTOH, many/most of her alleged outrages have been committed by Bill Clinton, Barrack Hussein Obama, and HilLIARy Clinton. Not that DU-grade Progs give a @#$% when their leaders do such things.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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