My phone was facing the ravages of planned obsolescence when my wife sends me a message about a $60 Nougat phone on Amazon. Checked into it, an Alcatel A30, priced down by the Amazon apps and ads that come installed on it. We decided to give it a whirl, wanted to share impressions and see what others have seen.

Good stuff (all prefaced with "for a cheap phone")
Good sized screen
battery holds up well
runs everyday apps fine

Questionable stuff, some of which may be phone specific, some may be Nougat
can't plug in micro usb thumb drive
no option to install app data onto sd card (I know that one is Android)
Default messaging and contacts apps don't let you set individual notification sounds for people. Ringtones yes, but not text messages.
File explorer is not very intuitive

Anyone seeing these or other problems on their phones, or am I just not adjusting to change again?

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