Settled in the middle of Rome, Vatican City serves as the Catholic Church’s headquarters and is also the Church’s very own 110-acre sovereign state. And while you are always welcome to enter St. Peter’s Square, that is as far as you are ever going to get.
The rest of the city, the remaining 99 percent, is literally surrounded by what President Trump might call “big, beautiful walls” — some as tall and mighty and imposing as 40 feet.

Is it nice to be allowed into St. Peter’s Square? Is it welcoming? Sure, about as welcoming as a neighbor who keeps you on their front porch.

Oh, and there are also guards and checkpoints, and what I am sure is a whole bunch of high-tech surveillance equipment that would stop a James Bond.

Nevertheless, because the Catholic Church doesn’t already have enough problems (I say this as a practicing Catholic), while working for and representing a religion headquartered in a Vatican City dedicated to keeping out the riff-raff, dedicated to retaining its own culture and preserving its history, dedicated to ensuring the safety of its citizens, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is hypocritically blasting away at Americans who wish to do the same for their own country.