In her new book, Hillary Clinton says she’s fine with Democrats who personally oppose abortion – as long as they vote against their principles and for legislation that promotes it.

The former Democratic nominee says sexism and misogyny put a damper on her campaign, and she doesn’t want to see women’s rights – aka abortion – take a back seat to other issues.

In What Happened, Clinton addresses the current Democratic Party’s internal debate over whether to make support for abortion rights a litmus test for the party’s candidates, explains the Washington Examiner – which received a copy of Clinton’s book.

The failed presidential candidate reportedly offers up her former running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, as an example of a pro-life Catholic Democrat who is “personally opposed” to abortion
He is also a lousy parent in that his human slug son was arrested during violence at a protest in March.

Kaine also claims not to know much about antifa. Great vice president material.