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    California Democrats have finally found a cause that’s worth suspending their environmental passions. The United Automobile Workers are struggling for a presence in Tesla’s Fremont plant, and organized labor has called in a political favor.

    Since 2010 California has offered a $2,500 rebate to encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles. But last week, at unions’ behest, Democrats introduced an amendment to cap-and-trade spending legislation that would require participating manufacturers to get a sign-off from the state labor secretary verifying that they are “fair and responsible in their treatment of workers.”

    The legislation, which passed Friday, is a direct shot at Tesla. The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project has amounted to a $82.5 million subsidy for the company, giving extra incentive to 32,842 Tesla buyers in seven years.

    Tesla’s sales have been built with taxpayer support. When Hong Kong cut back its electric-vehicle tax credits earlier this year, Tesla sales dropped to zero in April from nearly 3,000 the month earlier. And when Denmark scaled back incentives last year, electric-car sales plummeted by 70%.
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    Tesla has been kept afloat by state and Federal subsidies, tax credits, etc.. I look forward to their demise, as a (legal) fraud on the taxpayers.
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