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    Forgot to post this here for advice but a couple of weeks ago our cockapoo Toby tore his ACL playing his favorite game of fetch. My wife said he was fine then while chasing the ball he went down. Took him to the vet and they said it was a torn ACL. Now comes the decision of whether or not have surgery for him. He's 10 and from what I've read is that at his age it might not be worth surgery and that if we opt not to have it, in time he will develop scar tissue and after a while he'll be fine although he won't be able to tear around like he used to. The issue, of course, is cost. If this happened 2 or 3 years ago, we had pet insurance and it wouldn't be an issue but that got way too expensive as it went up every year but surgery is about $1,500. I did buy him a knee brace for dogs but he doesn't care for it. So, my question is, has anyone else's dog ever gone through this and if so, how did you handle it?
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    No, I haven't had a pet that stretched a tendon that I know of. They'd have mystery-limping spells. They usually 'solve' it themselves, dogs and cats.

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    Dang. Tough decision for sure. Pets can be expensive, but then again so can kids.
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    The surgery can be rough on the pups. A woman in an online group with me had a German shep with a torn ACL. They decided to do the surgery, but it was tough keeping the dog quiet for it to heal and there were emergency trips to the vet when the sutures came out. Her husband is a doc, but they live in Canada, so don't think physicians earn as much as in the US. She said that it was expensive.

    Our Bella went in for a dental and came out with a $814 bill for xrays and dental surgery (lost 10 teeth). That hurt, but we didn't know beforehand how expensive that bill would be.

    Tell your pup that the leg brace would be less painful than the surgery. You're right, it's a tough decision. Smaller dogs like cockapoos should have a longer life span than a large dog like a German shep. That's what makes your decision tougher. A greyhound has a lifespan of about 12 years, if you're lucky.

    Does your pup act like it's painful? We've been giving Bella Cosaquin tablets (the kind Jack Hanna blabs about on TV) and it seems to help. She has a problem with her leg and holds up one paw a lot. Part of her big bill was the xrays they took of her leg. We were relieved that it was "just" arthritis.

    Did your vet mention keeping your dog quiet for a while, even if it means crating the pup so there won't be so much strain on that ACL? Maybe just take Toby out in the yard on a leash, so there's no running around and causing further damage. That rest just might help.

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